Induction lights VS. LED lights

Posted on 13th October 2014 in News

By now, it is evident that we are facing an energy problem – while our primary sources of energy are running out, the demand for energy is continuously increasing.  In the face of this situation, energy-efficient lighting systems have become a hot topic.  Energy for lighting can consume between 60% (in educational settings) and 31% (in retail store applications) of an organizations electricity budget.
As the cost of energy rises, people are seeking ways in which to reduce energy consumption.  The main reason is financial, but the specter of Global Warming (climate change) and respect for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, also plays a role.

The two leading contenders for energy efficient industrial and commercial lighting applications are Magnetic Induction Lamps (also called Induction Lights) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting.  This paper compares the current state of these two lighting technologies and demonstrates, scientifically, that Induction Lighting is the best, and most energy efficient choice, for a wide range of applications. Read more…

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